Jessica Simpson: Avoids split pants with skort

Saturday 14, February 2009

Last night Jessica Simpson took her Rascal Flatts opening act to Madison Square Garden.

According to the sources she remembered all her song lyrics and also made no desperate dedications to Tony and also did not cry for a single time. In nutshell there was no repetition of what happened at Grand Rapids.

Rumors spread that are all related to Jessica Simpson. While she was smart enough to leave her high-waisted chili cookoff jeans at home, she had to go and ruin a seemingly harmless outfit by wearing something just as bad as a skort. Needless to mention she explained this to the audience in an effortlessly elegant manner by saying, "I've had times when my pants split right down the middle when I bent down to reach a note. That's why I'm wearing a skort—not a skirt, not a short—just so they wouldn't split."
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