George Clooney: Coming back to ER, confirms Noah Wyle

Saturday 24, January 2009

To get George Clooney - who played Dr. Doug Ross - wasn't easy. But, Noah Wyle can't wait for George Clooney to put those scrubs back on.

"I think its great!" he told Thursday at the 24th annual Santa Barbara Film Festival when asked about Clooney's return. "I was on board early because I left a balance of episodes on my last contract, so I knew I would be part of the finale. It wasn't like pulling teeth."

"There were interesting conversations to try and figure out where everyone was and how they felt about coming back and doing the final few episodes," Wyle told Us. "I think ultimately everyone is really excited and eager to have a sense of closure to what's been the most defining jobs of all of our lives."

Alhough he did not have details on Clooney's plotline, Wyle - who played Dr. John Carter - will mostly be shooting scenes with Dr. Peter Benton (Eriq La Salle).

"I'm coming back from having spent five years running a refugee camp in Darfur, and I've got a significant and serious health issue that forces me to seek treatment at the hospital where he is currently employed," he told Us of his character. "So we re-enter into each others lives again."

What was the mood like on the set after all these years?

"Nothing really changed," Wyle told Us. "It's like you lock the same people in the sound stages for 15 years. It's like opening up a time capsule!

Added the actor, "It's tempered a little bit by the waves of nostalgia that hit you when you realize there actually is an end point in sight. But I think everyone is committed to sending the show off the airwaves with some dignity and class."

The finale of ER airs Apr. 2 on NBC.
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