Howard Stern: Plans retiring from radio?

Saturday 22, September 2012

Radio host Howard Stern is reportedly planning to retire from radio at the end of his current Sirius XM contract.

Stern signed a new five-year multi-million dollar contract with Sirius XM in December 2010, but filed a breach of contract suit against the radio company over alleged unpaid stock bonuses.

Later, Stern's lawsuit was thrown out of court, but he has vowed to appeal the ruling.

Stern recently decided to leave radio in 2015 because of his success as a judge on America's Got Talent, a court has now indicated.

"During the month of July, Stern was live on the satellite for just nine hours total… He's fed up with Sirius, and has already decided he'll be gone at the end of his contract," the informant revealed to The Daily.

The insider has also said: "He's 58. He's got more money than he'll ever be able to spend. He doesn't need radio."

The artist has said in the past that he no longer feels at "home" at Sirius XM due to the souring of his relationship with company executives.

"It didn't feel like my pictures belonged [in my Sirius office] anymore… I actually started thinking, 'I don't know if my stuff is safe here'," he said last summer. "It's an emotional feeling… All of a sudden it didn't feel like this was home."

In 2006, Stern joined Sirius XM, after more than 25 years on terrestrial radio.

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