Bruce Springsteen: Never wants to be a conformist

Sunday 25, March 2012

Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen has insisted that he will never be a conformist.

Springsteen discusses his approach to writing political songs in a new interview with Jon Stewart for Rolling Stone.

The veteran performer explained that criticism of politicians and bankers on his new album We Take Care of Our Own is a continuation of the philosophy he's advanced for over 30 years on albums like Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad.

"Lately, it seems as if the polarization of the country has gotten so extreme that people want to force you into being either a phony 'patriot' or an apologist," he explained to Stewart. "Nuanced political dialogue or creative expression seems like it's been hamstrung by the decay of political speech and it's infantilized our national discourse."

The outspoken singer added: "I can't go for that and I won't write that way!"

Previously, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee suggested that Wrecking Ball is "as direct a record as [he's] ever made".

The celebrated singer and the E Street Band are currently in the midst of their first North American tour in three years.

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