Joe Manganiello: Comfortable with 'True Blood' nudity

Wednesday 22, February 2012

Actor Joe Manganiello has said that he is comfortable with the nudity on 'True Blood'.

The well-built man, who plays werewolf Alcide on the HBO series, revealed that he doesn't mind being naked on the show because it makes sense.

"As far as the butt cheeks stuff goes… it just makes sense," Manganiello told Out Magazine.

"It's not gratuitous; it's realistic. If you're a werewolf and you transform, you lose everything and there are your butt cheeks."

"The show is a deconstruction of supernatural creatures," Manganiello added. "It's not like other werewolf projects, where you magically reappear with tiny jean shorts on."

Recently, Manganiello suggested that 'True Blood' brings comfort to its viewers in tough economic times.

The actor revealed in January that, Alcide will be much tougher in the upcoming fifth season of 'True Blood'.

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