Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure
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Yaya Toure Biography

Yaya Gneri Tour (born May 13, 1983 in Costa Marfi) is an Ivorian footballer currently with Olympiakos. He has 2 caps for Cte d'Ivoire.

Himself a midfielder, Yaya Tour is the brother of Arsenal defender Kolo Tour.

Tour joined the formation center for young football players - the academy Mimosifcom - in 1996. After two years in KSK Beveren (Belgium) and others two years in FC Metalurg Donetsk (Ukraine), he was transferred to Olympiakos in 2005. He was nicknamed the new Patrick Vieira by his brother Kolo but the truth is that he's not far from becoming a world-class midfielder like Patrick. With a bit of luck and hard work he will succeed much more than he would expected. It is not only his body 1,90cm but also his technical skills tha made him so popular the past two months having participated in the UEFA Champions League impressing both managers and opponents. Last but not least, Yaya Toure attracted clubs such as Olympique Lyon, Manchester United, Chelsea and A.C. Milan. His last cap for Cte d'Ivoire was 2 days ago against Italy where he once again impressed making Didier Drogba admit "Yaya is an excellent player with his future ahead of him, he could easily play for Chelsea some time"