Southern Pacific

Southern Pacific
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Southern Pacific Biography

The Southern Pacific Transportation Company (AAR reporting marks SP), earlier Southern Pacific Railroad (1865-1885) and Southern Pacific Company (1885-1969), was an American railroad. The railroad was founded as a land holding company in 1865, forming part of the Central Pacific Railroad empire. Southern Pacific's total route mileage has varied significantly over the years. In 1929, the system showed 13,848 miles (22,286 km) of track (in contrast to 8,991 miles (14,470 km) of track in 1994). By 1900, the Southern Pacific Company had grown into a major railroad system which incorporated many smaller companies, such as the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad, and which extended from New Orleans through Texas to El Paso, across New Mexico and through Tucson, to Los Angeles, throughout most of California including San Francisco and Sacramento; it absorbed the Central Pacific Railroad extending eastward across Nevada to Ogden, Utah and had lines reaching north throughout and across Oregon to Portland. Read Full Bio >>