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Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell
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Kurt Russell Biography

Kurt Russell landed a part in the Elvis movie, "It Happened at the World's Fair", when he was 10 years old. In 1960, Walt Disney himself signed Russell to a 10 year contract. Once his stint as a child actor ended, Russell spent the early 1970's playing minor league baseball. In 1979, he gave a classic performance as Elvis Presley in John Carpenter's ABC-TV movie. He followed with roles in a string of well-received films: "Used Cars", "Escape from New York", "The Thing" and "Silkwood". In 1983 he met Goldie Hawn when they worked together on "Swing Shift". The two have lived together ever since. The movie was a failure - as was their next one together, "Overboard". During the 1980's, Russell starred in a rash of disappointments: "The Best of Times", "Big Trouble in Little China" and "Winter People". Finally, his career seemed to be seriously stalled. He only landed "Tango and Cash" after Patrick Swayze dropped out; Dennis Quaid was the first choice for the part in "Backdraft". In the end, these two roles were key in re-establishing him as a box-office draw. Russell and Hawn live on a 72-acre retreat, Home Run Ranch, outside of Aspen. He has two sons, Boston (from a brief marriage to actress Season Hubley) and Wyatt with Hawn.

Kurt Russell Awards

2003 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA This versatile actor's first claim to fame was in several fantasy/comedies for the Walt Disney Won
2003 DVD Exclusive Awards Best Audio Commentary, Library Release Used Cars (1980). Nominated
2002 Razzie Awards Worst Screen Couple 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001). Nominated
1997 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards Favorite Actor - Adventure/Drama Executive Decision (1996). Won
1990 Razzie Awards Worst Supporting Actress Tango & Cash (1989). Nominated

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Kurt Russell Trivia

  • Rode along with the Chicago Fire Dept.'s Squad 5 in preparation for his role in Backdraft (1991).
  • Played pro baseball (2nd base, AA club- California Angels) until a torn shoulder muscle forced retirement in 1973. Was hitting .563 at the time. His friend, Ron Shelton wrote the Crash Davis role in Bull Durham (1988) for him - the studio insisted on Kevin Costner though.
  • Father is Bing Russell a former baseball player, who played the deputy sherriff on "Bonanza" (1959) for 6 years.
  • He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."
  • He is an FAA licensed Private Pilot holding single/multi- engine and instrument ratings.
  • Performs many of his stunts himself.
  • Father of Wyatt Russell (with Goldie Hawn).
  • He and longtime companion Goldie Hawn both appeared in The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968).
  • Partner of Goldie Hawn (1983 - present) 1 child.
  • He and partner Goldie Hawn formerly took summer vacations in the Muskoka region in Ontario, Canada. They gave up their cottage after too many unwelcomed visitors would stare at their cottage through binoculars from Lake Rosseau.
  • Atlanta Braves' first baseman, Matt Franco, is his nephew.
  • His character Snake Plissken (of Escape from New York (1981)) is about to become a comic book. Published by theCrossGen imprint Code 6 Comics, the book will be known as The Snake Plissken Chronicles. It is marked for publication beginning in 2003.
  • Started Cosmic Entertainment with partner Goldie Hawn, her daughter Kate Hudson, and her son Oliver Hudson in 2003.
  • Is a card carrying member of the NRA.
  • Was the best man at Ted Nugent's wedding.
  • Father of Boston Russell (born in 1980) with Season Hubley.
  • Graduate of Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, California with Michael Richards, Kramer from "Seinfeld" (1990). Class of 1969, who voted him "Best Looking.".
  • Brother-in-law of Larry J. Franco.
  • Is a big fan of Elvis Presley, Patrick Rondat and Tom Robinson.
  • Auditioned for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars (1977).
  • In his audio commentary for The Thing (1982), he joked with director John Carpenter about the scene where he threw a stick of dynamite at the character Palmer (who was turning into the Thing) and how the explosion was more powerful than he had expected. In truth, he could have been seriously injured.
  • Was one of the first actors to do audio commentary on DVDs.
  • The presence of Lee Van Cleef on the set of Escape from New York (1981) inspired him to talk in a raspy voice similar to Clint Eastwood's from the Man With No Name trilogy.
  • During the filming of 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) in Vancouver, he visited the nearby set of "Stargate SG-1" (1997) and met the cast. Russell starred as Colonel Jack O'Neil in the original Stargate (1994). His role was adopted by Richard Dean Anderson in the spin-off series and the character's name was changed slightly (to Colonel Jack O'Neill).
  • Is good friends with stunt man Dick Warlock, who was his stunt double for over 20 years.
  • Portrayed cult classic heroes in four different movies: Escape from New York (1981), The Thing (1982), Stargate (1994) and Escape from L.A. (1996).
  • Said in his audio commentary for Big Trouble in Little China (1986) that the test audiences reacted so well to the film that he thought for sure that he and director friend John Carpenter had a box office hit on their hands. However, the studio put so little effort into advertising the film that it ultimately didn't do as well at the box office but became a cult favorite instead.
  • Is a libertarian, meaning that he believes in "leftist" social values but more conservative fiscal policies (and that his beliefs overlap with both Democrats and Republicans).
  • Made his film debut in the Elvis Presley film, It Happened at the World's Fair (1963). He later went on to play him in Elvis (1979/I) (TV), and to provide his voice in Forrest Gump (1994).
  • When he and director John Carpenter were discussing the character of MacReady in The Thing (1982), they thought about making MacReady a former Vietnam chopper pilot who felt displaced by his service in the war and, as a result, was much more isolated than the other characters. This ultimately did not make it into the film.
  • Auditioned for the role of Flash Gordon (1980). The part went to Sam J. Jones instead.
  • He and his Tombstone (1993) co-star, Val Kilmer, have both played Elvis Presley. Val Kilmer played him in True Romance (1993), while Russell played him in a television movie, and provided his voice in Forrest Gump (1994). In Tombstone (1993), he plays Wyatt Earp. In 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001), he works with Kevin Costner, who played the role a mere six months later in the film Wyatt Earp (1994).
  • Is good friends with director John Carpenter. The two have collaborated on five different films: Elvis (1979/I) (TV), Escape from New York (1981), The Thing (1982), Big Trouble in Little China (1986) and Escape from L.A. (1996).
  • He claims that he often felt an outcast in Hollywood because of his Libertarian beliefs, and so moved to live in an area outside Aspen, Colorado, where he started to try his hand at writing.
  • Kate Hudson, daughter of his longtime companion Goldie Hawn, named her son Ryder Russell Robinson. The middle name is an homage to Kurt, whom Hudson always considered to be her father.
  • Has starred in films with two of his former brother-in-laws, 'Larry Franco' in John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), and Whip Hubley in Executive Decision (1996).
  • Has two younger sisters.
  • A member of the conservative Wednesday Morning Club in Hollywood, Russell introduced guest speaker Newt Gingrich in 1999.
  • Received The Disney Legends Award 1998 for living up to the Disney principals of: The Disney Legends award has three distinct elements that characterize the contributions made by each talented recipient. The Spiral ... stands for imagination, the power of an idea. The Hand ... holds the gifts of skill, discipline and craftsmanship. The Wand and the Star ... represent magic: the spark that is ignited when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream.
  • For his role on Tombstone (1993), he was trained by renowned Hollywood Gun Coach Thell Reed, who has also trained such actors as: Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliott, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Foster and Girard Swan.
  • He acted as father to Kate Hudson by walking her down the aisle and giving her away at her wedding to rock star Chris Robinson.
  • Was offered a role in The Fog (1980).
  • Was originally cast to play the cursed heroic knight Navarre in Ladyhawke (1985) while Rutger Hauer, who played the part of Navarre in the film, was the original choice to play the evil captain, even though Hauer had no interest in the part and was actually more interested in the part of the hero Navarre. When Russell dropped out of the project, Hauer took the role.
  • Snake Plissken, the (anti)hero of Escape From New York (1981) and Escape From LA (1996) is Kurt Russell's favourite character of all he's played.
  • Quit smoking cigars in 2006.
  • He and Goldie Hawn own a vacation home in Muskota, Canada.

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