James Cagney

James Cagney
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James Cagney Biography

James Francis Cagney, Jr. (July 17, 1899 – March 30, 1986) was an Academy Award-winning American film actor who won acclaim for a wide variety of roles, including the career-launching The Public Enemy. He was an accomplished vaudeville performer, won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of a song-and-dance man in 1942 for his role in Yankee Doodle Dandy, but is still best known for his 'tough guy' roles

Like James Stewart, Cagney became so familiar to audiences that they usually referred to him as "Jimmy" Cagney — a billing never found on any of his films. Read Full Bio >>

James Cagney Awards

2012 Magnolia Independent Film Festival Close-Up (2011). Won
1982 Hasty Pudding Theatricals, USA Won
1981 National Board of Review, USA Won
1978 Screen Actors Guild Awards Won
1974 American Film Institute, USA Won

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