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Athena Chu
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Athena Chu Biography

Athena Chu (Chinese: 朱茵) (born October 25, 1971) is a Hong Kong actress and a singer.

Athena entered the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts around 1990 and graduated in 1992. During that time, Chu earned tuition money by working at TVB as the host of children's shows. She moved on to work on HK TVB dramas and worked with such pop stars like Leon Lai in The Legendary Ranger. Shortly after graduation, she made her movie debut in Fight Back to School 2 and was nominated for a Best New Artist Hong Kong Film Awards. It was on the set of that film where she met and began dating Stephen Chow, but their romance was reportedly fraught with troubles and would end on a sour note a few years later. In 1995, Chu appeared as Chow's onscreen lady love a final time in A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella. Athena Chu is currently dating former Beyond guitarist Paul Wong. Read Full Bio >>

Athena Chu Awards

1993 Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer Fight Back to School II (1992). Nominated