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Allan Lane Biography

Allan "Rocky" Lane (September 22, 1909-October 27, 1973) was a studio leading man and star of dozens of cowboy B-movies in the 1940s and 1950s, and eventually did the voice of the horse on the television series Mr. Ed beginning in 1958. Lane appeared in more than 125 films and TV shows between 1929 and 1966, including his voiceover stint as Mr. Ed.

Lane's film career started in 1929 with his role in Not Quite Decent. From 1929 through 1936 he appeared in twenty four films. In 1937 his career picked up, and he saw success in several films, to include The Law West of Tombstone in 1938. However, beginning in 1940, his career steered him into western films, in which he would see his greatest success. His first successful film in that category was King of the Royal Mounted, the 1942 film serial adaptation of Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted, in which Lane had the lead role. He would star in several Canadian Mounted Police genre films, to include the serial's The Yukon Patrol and King of the Mounties. It is in these roles for which he is best known today. Read Full Bio >>

Allan Lane Awards

2003 TV Land Awards Favorite Pet-Human Relationship "Mister Ed" (1958). Won